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About Me

Hi,  I'm David Peters I started my blacksmith career in 1977 shoeing horses and learning blacksmithing work, later learned welding and fabrication. I still shoe some horses but not as many as before and have turned my focus on the Dairy Goat Industry where I have been making custom breed specific Milking Stands, Hayracks as well other custom projects for clients. I'm the only builder of milk stands in Virginia,probably the only one in the Mid Atlantic region. I take pride in my work and in dealing with my clients,seeing they get the best product for there money. I have small shop in central Va. where I build everything.

I have built milk stands for the Nigerian goats to Boers. all stands are cut,welded,forge work for the feed rings and other parts are all done by me.
Please contact me to commission a piece or for more information. At 717-891-9180


As I said I'm a one man shop and my wife does help with odds and ends. With that said, we may take a little longer to get a project done but that's only because we care about our products because our name is on them too!! We build orders as they come in and try to get them out to you promptly. The average is about a week to ten days to your door.
Our standard color is burgundy but we will try to accommodate any color you want if available. Also, if you click on the picture of the stands or other products the price will come up on screen as my store is not ready at this time. Thanks, Dave

Ordering & Shipping

Ordering from us is simple, we take PayPal. Just call us or text us and we will be happy to take your order and get all important info we need to start building your stands. We build as orders come in but can usually have it done in a week to ten days. Some times we have extras but they don't usually hang around too long. Our phone number 717-891-9180. You can call or text. Or you can email at [email protected] if you like.

Shipping  we can ship any where threw FedEx Or Ups just need to check on pricing for that. Also I travel the Route 15 corridor from Virginia to Pa. We offer free delivery to this area.  Thanks so much for your time, Dave Peters

Thursday, January 11, 2018